4 Ways to Measure Your Health

Your value can never be determined by a number on a scale.

For many, the year started with a goal or resolution related to weight loss. The scale can give you overall big-picture information and information about your body’s response to eating salty foods, intense exercise, and hormone changes.

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However, the scale is not always the best way to indicate your overall health and well-being.

By focusing on how your health is improving in other ways, you can get a better picture of how you are doing rather than relying on a number you see on a scale.

A practical way to measure your health and progress is to notice how you are doing in a few key areas that are similar to the ones involved in caring for your brain and heart.

1. Nutrition

  • How am I fueling my body each day or over a couple of days? Am I eating regularly? How do I feel when I eat high-quality/nutritious foods? Am I drinking enough water?
  • Remember, nutrition is about abundance, not deprivation. Focus on what you can add to your diet to nourish your body.

2. Movement

  • How am I moving my body? How much am I moving my body? How do I feel when I move my body during and after?
  • Small amounts of time consistently can improve mental clarity, blood flow, and boost mood.

3. Sleep

  • How am I sleeping? Am I prioritizing sleep? Getting enough sleep each night?

4. Mental and Emotional

  • How am I doing? Am I able to calm stress? Am I able to recognize negative thoughts and self-talk? Am I able to challenge the negative talk? What am I grateful for?

Your overall health and wellness are more important than a number. Focus on all the progress and non-scale victories you make each and every day.

Your value can never be determined by a number on a scale.

Linda Wilcox, RDN, LD

Linda is our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist that uses a balanced approach to health and wellness, focusing on nutrition, movement, sleep, and connecting you with other appropriate health resources.

Linda understands and recognizes the courage needed to take the first step in caring for yourself and starting your own health and wellness journey. Learn more about Linda’s services like individual wellness and nutrition consultations, ministry and church wellness consultations, and group presentations here!