Goal Setting Workbook


This 17 Page workbook is designed by a professional mental health counselor to help you identify your personal values, desires, and goals; it will also help you achieve them. Use this digital workbook over and over for your personal and professional goal setting. This is a digital download item and is not eligible for returns.


We live busy lives, and for many of us, finding the time to ponder and reflect on what we want from life seems like a waste of our precious time; perhaps it seems a distraction from the other 101 things we have on our long to-do lists.

Let me be clear- if you are unsure what you want or what you value, its impossible to have direction. When you have no direction, you end up going wherever life takes you. You could end up anywhere and everywhere with zero focus. Not knowing what you want also makes it difficult to say NO to others. How can you prioritize yourself your family when you have nothing to work towards for yourself? You have no identified reason to say no; you have no boundaries.

Having identified goals and values gives you direction in life. When you KNOW what you want, you can be focused and ask yourself, “Does this move me toward my goals and values- or away from them?”

There are several exercises in this workbook; they are not meant to be completed in one sitting. Take your time, read the instructions thoroughly and be completely honest with yourself.

When you are done with the workbook you should have 3 SMART goals with action steps. You will need to print multiple copies of several exercises as they are designed to be filled out once PER goal.

Tip: If you are a business owner you can go through the workbook twice- once for your personal life, once for your work/business. If you do this you will end up with 3 personal goals and 3 business goals.

-Created by Dr. Don Gilbert-